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when i save a caricature it shows up as a still photo, why?

sara13marie , 06.07.2011, 05:25

after I download a animated picture saved to my gallery it isn't animated anymore why?

Nicole Sterner, 18.12.2011, 03:01

when i send animation video it doesnt play....

lydia james , 12.12.2011, 19:32

After saving the pictures with movement they don't move on my gallery, they just stop working.

Alex, 01.09.2011, 00:25

when i try to make an ainmated picture my wallpaper on my phone it shows a still image ... why?

patty, 04.08.2011, 20:08

the animation doesnt work when i send it ti my phone's gallery and i cannot find where to buy the pro version

phillip, 02.08.2011, 17:20
Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 24.10.2011
This may depend on the image viewer you use. What image viewer do you use?
Also, animated pics wouldn't be animated as phone wallpapers, because they are not adapted for it.
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Chelsey, 01.09.2011, 19:38
Im having the same problem help
angelz143, 12.09.2011, 08:49
Me too! Why don't it show up animation and movin like it suppost too?
Nataliya, 24.10.2011, 12:54
Because not all image viewers support animation of Lab effects, please tell what image viewer you use so we can consider your issue.
Dawn, 07.07.2012, 03:27
Which image veiwer is best to use? I have a LG Pheonix. I love this app!
amanda , 27.10.2011, 21:42
I too hAve same problem I would love the animation to still work after u same it I have an android from us cellular HTC desire
grace , 13.12.2011, 05:33
Trying to figure out how to save the photos to my gallery once l have finished with my picture , l have a HTC Android since can you tell me what am doing wrong

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